Pathway: Ce Vulval development WP1453 78456

VulDVU1ut1VUP5.pGap in basement membraneProliferationPn.pWNT PathwayPn.pPn.pP6.pAnchor cell invasion: The anchor cell extends a process to the center of the vulF cells and forms a hole in the epidermis.Pn.pL1Anchor cellL2Generation of the anchor cell:Two somatic gonadal cells are specified to become the anchor cell through an AC/UV decision.Generation of VPCs:Six vulval precursor cells (VPCs) are specified among the 11 Pn.p cells.Pn.pMorphogenesis of the vulva:The seven types of vulval cells invaginate, and sequentially form seven distinct toroids, connects to the uterus, and everts as the hermaphrodite molts to adulthood. Vulval precursorpatterningMorphogenesisof the vulvaPn.pAnchor cell invasionPn.pL3 moltP7.pPn.pGonadal basementmembraneP8.pP4.pUterine patterning:The anchor cell (AC) induces the six pi cells to generatethe utse cell and uv1 cells. The AC ultimately fuses with the utse cell, the uv1 cells attach to the vulF cells.Generation ofthe adult cellsPn.pPn.pLET-23/LET-60signalingVulval precursor patterning:A signal from the gonad and signaling among the VPCs specifies three VPCs to generate vulval cells. Two types of vulval lineages, 1° and 2°, generate distinct sets of vulval cell progeny. Uninduced VPCs generate a 3° lineage, which make cells that fuse with the epidermis hyp7 cell. The VPCs adopt their fates in a precise spatial pattern of 3°-3°-2°-1°-2°-3°.Responsiveness to LIN-3Fusion with hyp7Pn.pGeneration of the adult cells:Unique patterns of gene expression are established among 22 nuclei to generate distinct cell biology in cells of seven types vulA, vulB1, vulB2, vulC, VulD, vulE, and vulF, which will go on to make the adult vulva.Pn.pL3Anchor cellP3.pGeneration of VPCsVAB-19INA-1PAT-3MAB-522LIN-39LIN-39LIN-39LIN-39LIN-39MAB-5EFF-1LIN-39MAB-5LIN-39Ahyp7hyp7hyp7hyp7BCDEFFEDCBAhyp7hyp7Somatic basementmembraneAnchor cellVUVUVUVUVulDVulDAnchor cellut1ut1ut2ut3ut2ut3uv1uv1Mid L4ut2ut2uv2uv2uv3uv3

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